The Stubberfield Family Foundation seeks to continue the life’s work of Abraham & Ella Mae Stubberfield by creating an organization based on faith in the human spirit and a vision of New Orleans as a vibrant and civic-minded society. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the systems that nurture all of us: our children, our culture, and our communities.

We are guided by the following values:

Collaborative – We collaborate with others and we encourage collaboration among diverse groups.
Knowledge-based – Using knowledge to guide actions – We like to encourage learning.
Community Service – We believe that community-based service should be available and easily accessible in our community. We support community service projects to enhance the quality of life.

Education – We aim to increase the quality of secondary and tertiary education to girls and boys by supporting programs, educational institutions, and career opportunities.

Empowerment – we strive to empower children to achieve the highest quality of life academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. 

Holistic thinking – Projects relating to arts, culture, food, health, native ecology, and education should be connected to each other. Our actions are part of these systems.
Inclusive – Inclusive of all New Orleanians (urban, rural, all races and ethnicities, all socio-economic levels).

​We are proud to support a variety of worthwhile causes with a solid track record of contributions to a number of deserving organizations over the years.